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Summary (3-5-07)

Posted in Blogroll on December 5, 2007 by wi11wood

          This weblog displays all of the major assignments that I have completed through out the year. It also contains a written descriptions on what the assignment it about, and how I completed. The link for all the assignments is at the bottom of each description. Like many other of my assignment I waited last minute to complete my weblog portfolio. I started it on Monday the 2, and finished it on Wednesday 5. It didn’t take me long to figure out that it was not a hard assignment but it did take up a lot of time. It would have been really smart to have worked on this through out the year. I know that if would of taken more time on this it would be better; but I am happy with how it turned out.             

          I came into this class thinking that I was going to be easy. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that I was wrong. After receiving a poor grade on the Resume and Job Letter assignment I realized that I was going to have to allow more time, and put out more effort if I was going to be successful in this class.            

          The first half of this semester I was struggling in this class. I was just going through the motions, doing what I had to do to complete the assignment. After receiving many poor grades I realized that I needed to step it up and start working hard. The Formal Memo assignment was the first big assignment. I knew that I needed to make to good grade on this paper. At this point in the semester I had no confidence in my writing. After getting an A on the Formal Memo, I told my self that I can do it; it just takes a little time and effort.            

          This class was a very good learning experience for me. I learned something different from every assignment; and I was able to use what I learned on the papers down the semester. The thing that I struggled with the most through out the year was editing. I was never good at catching my own mistakes, and I would hurt me on a lot of assignments this semester. I finally realized that I need some out side help, somebody to look over my paper to catch the mistakes that I miss. So around mid semester I began getting my sister to help edit my papers. She was very willing and helpful. My editing skill are still what I struggle with to this day; but I have come along way from the first assignment and I know I can only get better if I keep trying.            

          The best thing I liked about this class was the specific descriptions for each assignment, and the free time at the end of class to work and ask questions. The greatest think I probably learned was how to be successful with group work. Going into the assignment I was worried because of my experiences with groups in the past. I was put in a outstanding group; three other hard works that would settle for anything but an A. This was exactly what I needed; a group of people to help push me to do well. I really enjoyed this assignment because of what I learned and the people I meet and worked with.            

          Knowing what I know now I would love to go back to the beginning of the semester and redo many assignments because I know I could have done better if I would have just applied a little more effort. Specifically I would like to resubmit the Resume and Job Letter assignment. I receive a failing grade, and the reason was because I did not set aside enough time for research or to write the paper. Looking back over it I realized that I was a very poor written assignment, which I am embarrassed for. I know for a fact that if I could resubmit it now it would be a completely different out come.            

          I am going to be able and take away so much from this class and use it in the future. I am confident that if ever needed to write a memo in the future I will be able to do so. More specifically, I will be more confident in group assignments, and if there is no one who wants to step up and be the leader I will be able to fill that role. My editing skills are another thing that has gradually been getting better. I still have a lot of work to do before being very confident; but I have come along way since the beginning of the year. This class has given me many skill that I can take and use in future; but most importantly is has given me confidence that I can become a good writer.  


Weblog Portfolio (3-5-07)

Posted in Blogroll on December 5, 2007 by wi11wood

The goal for this portfolio is to show all the work that I have done through out this semester. I also think it is away that we can look back and reflect on our assignments. We can look at them and hopefully see them gradually getting better, and more professional. Since that is the basic goal of any class, to get better over the semester.


When I first starting looking over this assignment I got really confused and just kept putting off through out the year. I come to find out know that it was a bad decision because it is really not that hard, just a little time consuming.


When finally starting it I knew that I wanted to make it as easy as possible; quick and easy to read, but still be able to understand it. I decided to put the date beside all the assignments to help keep it in order. This way you can hopefully see the papers gradually getting better over the year. I also linked the original assignment at the bottom of each post instead of posting it. For each post I did not use my progress memos, I wrote everything from scratch. After looking over my progress memos I just thought that is wouldn’t fit what I was going for. I did use a little of the information, but not much.


What helped me out the most with this assignment was looking at other weblogs. Some of my group members also helped me out. Just being able to see a finished weblog helped me out a lot; it gave me something to go by, and good ideas for my own. It also would have been a lot smarter to not wait for the last minute to do it. It would have been so much easier to have done a little bit at a time through out the year.

Proposal Presentation Memos and Handouts (12-3-07)

Posted in Blogroll on December 5, 2007 by wi11wood

For this assignment we as a group would have to make a power point presentation and present it to the class. Jessi volunteered to take charge of this assignment. She had worked with many power points before, and said she would have no problem making the slides. After Jessi completed all she could by her self we meet as a group and discussed what to put on the slides. We worked together and came up with a very good slide show.


We also had to come up with a handout to give to our classmates to look at during our presentation. This was a little more complicated and difficult. We didn’t want to have more than a page, and we couldn’t decide on what to put on the page. We ended up cramming a lot of information on to one page. We good everything on there that we wanted to, all of the strong points that we would hit on during the presentation.

We were able to get both the presentation and the handout done in about an hour and a half.


For our in class presentation we divided up the slide so that each group member would talk for the same amount of time. I think our group did a good job presenting our presentation. Our fellow classmates seemed very interested in what we had to say. I also think that all the other groups did a good job.


The very last thing we had to do was write a memo talking about our group members and how we worked together. This was very easy for me to right; there was nothing but good things to write about. I probably could have written a couple of pages about my group. The only think I had trouble with was grading myself because I know that I was the one who participated the least. But it was not because I didn’t want to. Just sometime the other group member had to pick up the slack when I could not make it to the meeting because of my busy schedule. They never complained about it though, they were very understanding and knew that I had no control of it.


I really enjoyed working with my group, I learned so much from them. The biggest thing I probably learned from all the group assignments was better editing tactics; and I am looking forward to using them in the future. I think we all got along great, and that is why we worked so good together and got work done faster. Not only was this a good learning experience, but I was able gain three good friends. This was by far my favorite assignment I worked on all year.


To view our Proposal Presentation Memos and Handouts, click the following link:


Proposal Presentation Memos



Formal Group Proposal Report (11/28/07)

Posted in Blogroll on December 5, 2007 by wi11wood

This assignment required us as a group to use all of the skills that we experience and practiced throughout the semester. By analyzing the audience, presenting a clear and concise problem statement, offering a persuasive solutions, and providing focused supporting information. We would need to produce a complex document that argued a particular problem with a specific solution.


As a group we realized that for the best way for us to receive and A on this assignment was to turn it in early. We wanted to do this so we could get it back and make the necessary corrections and then resubmit it. This would not be an easy task to accomplish, but we all agreed that we would do whatever it took to get done. The only way we would be able to turn in this memo early would be to have a very good rough draft. This way we would not have to cram everything into the final at once. We felt that with a strong rough draft we would be able to just work from there, add little more information, and do the rest of the editing and be done.


After completing the rough draft we were very confident that we would have no problem turning in the final draft early. All there was left to complete on the final draft was the editing. Which did take up quite a bit of time, but we were able to get all the information, and graphs on to the rough draft. Once completing the editing portion we were able to turn it in early.


Another idea we had was to meet with Dr. Art in his office hours for instant feedback. But because of our busy schedule Mike was the only one that could make it. He was able to get a lot of useful information that helped us finish the final draft.


A week later we received our proposal back from Dr. Art. Surprisingly, we did not do as well as we were expecting. But that is why we turned it in early, so we could fix all the mistakes that were made. Luckily most of the mistakes made were minor editing mistake that were just overlooked because of the rush to turn it in early. We were able to fix the mistakes and resubmit it with no problems.


To view my Formal Group Proposal, click on the following link:

Formal Group Proposal Report

Proposal Rough Draft and Progress Memo (11/14/07)

Posted in Blogroll on December 5, 2007 by wi11wood

One of the goals for this assignment was to complete a proposal rough draft. This was not an easy task for our group. Since we elected to turn in the final draft early, we had to make sure that rough draft was almost complete. This way there would not be much work to be done before turning in the final draft.


This was no easy task, we had to make sure all the information was written down and all the graphs were complete. We were able to accomplish this by working together as a group. We meet one time outside of class for about two hours. We were able to get everything done that we wanted to during this meeting. The only thing left to do for the final memo was to do more editing to catch all the little mistakes.


Another goal for this assignment was to practice writing short, detailed, informative progress memos. These memos were supposed to be able to help people understand who did what. Every member of the group had to write there own progress memo stating what everyone is doing including themselves. This way if someone in the group was not pulling there weight then you could state in the memo.


As a group we worked very hard to get this assignment done because we wanted to turn in the final proposal early. So we had to make sure that the rough draft was almost complete. We were able to accomplish this very easily, because we worked so good together. Overall the rough draft turned out just the way we wanted.


To view our Proposal Rough Draft and my Progress Memo, click the following link:

 Proposal Rough Draft and Progress Memo

Proposal Plan Memo (10/31/07)

Posted in Blogroll on December 5, 2007 by wi11wood

The Proposal Plan Memo was our very first assignment as a group. It was very interesting, because I was not sure how well we would work as a group. I knew Mike before hand but it was my first time to meet Jessi and Rachel. It didn’t take me much time to figure out that we had a great group and were going to do just fine.

Our first steeping stone that had to be crossed was deciding on what to write about. Everybody was open for ideas. We went over every ones proposal idea memos and talked them over. We wanted to find the easiest one. This way we could spend more time on editing and writing, then research and finding information. After discussing each idea we decided to go with the idea of promoting more activities for the spring semester. More activities that would be a bonding experience for all tech students like the carol of lights in the fall. After further discussion we decided to make it more specific so it would be a lot easier. We came up with the idea of just focusing on the Red and Black Football Game in the spring. Our idea was to write about how no one attends the game because it is not properly promoted around the campus and the city of Lubbock.

The course goal for this assignment was to create a detailed plan. We were supposed to write 2-4 pages about out plan, why we chose it, and our schedule of how we are planning to get it done. We had no problem getting this done. We meet once out of class and were able to figure out who would do what. We set up our schedule so that we would turn in the final proposal in a week early so we could get early grading. As a group there were really no problems completing this assignment.

To view my our Proposal Plan Memo, click the following link:

Proposal Plan Memo

Instructions Analysis (10/22/07)

Posted in Blogroll on December 4, 2007 by wi11wood

This assignment was to take the instructions that you got from the instructions memo and describe what they are, what purpose they serve and most important the audience. This turned out to be quite easy for me. Since I understand and work with my set of instructions it was easy for me to describe them. I simply explained how they are used for injured athletes. Figuring out the audience was the challenging part.

At first I was certain that the audience was the injured athlete. After thinking it over, and asking Dr. Art, I realized that the actual audience was athletic trainers. This actually made my paper a lot easier to write.

To complete the assignment I had to user test two people. I decided to test a fellow athletic trainer and a person that had never seen the instructions before. The results were exactly what I was expecting. The person that had never seen them was quite confused, didn’t really understand the language, and the fellow athletic trainer understood it perfectly. Surprisingly when asked what they would change about it, there answers were quite similar.

I learned a lot about the audience of a paper through this assignment. It helped me realize that the audience may not always be who is seems. At first I believed that the people I was going to test was the audience. Later I found out that the actual audience of the instructions the person giving the test, fellow athletic trainers.

This assignment I decide that it was time to get outside help with editing. I was tired of making so many mistakes and receiving low grades. So after completing the assignment and editing it once myself I emailed it to my sister, who is a senor ESS major, to look over it once more. I figured that getting someone else point of view wouldn’t hurt.

Other than the editing aspect I really did not face many problems with this assignment. I enjoyed testing people and getting there feedback. Overall it was a good learning experience and I enjoyed writing it.

To view my Instructions Analysis Memo just click on the following link:

Instructions Analysis