Instruction Selection Memo (10/10/07)

The goal of this assignment was to find a easy set of instructions and could be tested that you can use for the instructions analysis assignment. The first thing I started thinking about was something in my profession, something that I am already familiar with. I eventually decided to use a set of instructions used to stretch out the hamstring. The set of instructions were called Hamstring School.

Hamstring school is a set of steps used for rehab on athletes with injured hamstrings. I choose this set of instructions because it was something that I had been around and understood how to do. I was very confident that it would be easy and I would be able to write a good instruction analysis over it.

After deciding on which set of instructions to use we were to write a cover memo answering who exactly the audience is, the goals of the instructions, and the criteria for testing them.

The only problem I had with this assignment was deciding on what set of instructions to use. I wanted to do something that was easy to understand and that I could write a lot about. After finally deciding everything else went smooth. Editing was the only other problem. I was still struggling, still waiting till the last minute to finish the cover memo, and I would be too tired to go over it. I knew that I needed to stop doing that but most of the time I couldn’t’ help it. After seeing that there were quite a few editing corrections I knew that I needed to use a different way to edit my papers.

To view my Instructions Selections and Cover memo, click the following link:

Instructions Cover Memo




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