Formal Group Proposal Report (11/28/07)

This assignment required us as a group to use all of the skills that we experience and practiced throughout the semester. By analyzing the audience, presenting a clear and concise problem statement, offering a persuasive solutions, and providing focused supporting information. We would need to produce a complex document that argued a particular problem with a specific solution.


As a group we realized that for the best way for us to receive and A on this assignment was to turn it in early. We wanted to do this so we could get it back and make the necessary corrections and then resubmit it. This would not be an easy task to accomplish, but we all agreed that we would do whatever it took to get done. The only way we would be able to turn in this memo early would be to have a very good rough draft. This way we would not have to cram everything into the final at once. We felt that with a strong rough draft we would be able to just work from there, add little more information, and do the rest of the editing and be done.


After completing the rough draft we were very confident that we would have no problem turning in the final draft early. All there was left to complete on the final draft was the editing. Which did take up quite a bit of time, but we were able to get all the information, and graphs on to the rough draft. Once completing the editing portion we were able to turn it in early.


Another idea we had was to meet with Dr. Art in his office hours for instant feedback. But because of our busy schedule Mike was the only one that could make it. He was able to get a lot of useful information that helped us finish the final draft.


A week later we received our proposal back from Dr. Art. Surprisingly, we did not do as well as we were expecting. But that is why we turned it in early, so we could fix all the mistakes that were made. Luckily most of the mistakes made were minor editing mistake that were just overlooked because of the rush to turn it in early. We were able to fix the mistakes and resubmit it with no problems.


To view my Formal Group Proposal, click on the following link:

Formal Group Proposal Report


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