Proposal Plan Memo (10/31/07)

The Proposal Plan Memo was our very first assignment as a group. It was very interesting, because I was not sure how well we would work as a group. I knew Mike before hand but it was my first time to meet Jessi and Rachel. It didn’t take me much time to figure out that we had a great group and were going to do just fine.

Our first steeping stone that had to be crossed was deciding on what to write about. Everybody was open for ideas. We went over every ones proposal idea memos and talked them over. We wanted to find the easiest one. This way we could spend more time on editing and writing, then research and finding information. After discussing each idea we decided to go with the idea of promoting more activities for the spring semester. More activities that would be a bonding experience for all tech students like the carol of lights in the fall. After further discussion we decided to make it more specific so it would be a lot easier. We came up with the idea of just focusing on the Red and Black Football Game in the spring. Our idea was to write about how no one attends the game because it is not properly promoted around the campus and the city of Lubbock.

The course goal for this assignment was to create a detailed plan. We were supposed to write 2-4 pages about out plan, why we chose it, and our schedule of how we are planning to get it done. We had no problem getting this done. We meet once out of class and were able to figure out who would do what. We set up our schedule so that we would turn in the final proposal in a week early so we could get early grading. As a group there were really no problems completing this assignment.

To view my our Proposal Plan Memo, click the following link:

Proposal Plan Memo


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