Proposal Presentation Memos and Handouts (12-3-07)

For this assignment we as a group would have to make a power point presentation and present it to the class. Jessi volunteered to take charge of this assignment. She had worked with many power points before, and said she would have no problem making the slides. After Jessi completed all she could by her self we meet as a group and discussed what to put on the slides. We worked together and came up with a very good slide show.


We also had to come up with a handout to give to our classmates to look at during our presentation. This was a little more complicated and difficult. We didn’t want to have more than a page, and we couldn’t decide on what to put on the page. We ended up cramming a lot of information on to one page. We good everything on there that we wanted to, all of the strong points that we would hit on during the presentation.

We were able to get both the presentation and the handout done in about an hour and a half.


For our in class presentation we divided up the slide so that each group member would talk for the same amount of time. I think our group did a good job presenting our presentation. Our fellow classmates seemed very interested in what we had to say. I also think that all the other groups did a good job.


The very last thing we had to do was write a memo talking about our group members and how we worked together. This was very easy for me to right; there was nothing but good things to write about. I probably could have written a couple of pages about my group. The only think I had trouble with was grading myself because I know that I was the one who participated the least. But it was not because I didn’t want to. Just sometime the other group member had to pick up the slack when I could not make it to the meeting because of my busy schedule. They never complained about it though, they were very understanding and knew that I had no control of it.


I really enjoyed working with my group, I learned so much from them. The biggest thing I probably learned from all the group assignments was better editing tactics; and I am looking forward to using them in the future. I think we all got along great, and that is why we worked so good together and got work done faster. Not only was this a good learning experience, but I was able gain three good friends. This was by far my favorite assignment I worked on all year.


To view our Proposal Presentation Memos and Handouts, click the following link:


Proposal Presentation Memos




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