Weblog Portfolio (3-5-07)

The goal for this portfolio is to show all the work that I have done through out this semester. I also think it is away that we can look back and reflect on our assignments. We can look at them and hopefully see them gradually getting better, and more professional. Since that is the basic goal of any class, to get better over the semester.


When I first starting looking over this assignment I got really confused and just kept putting off through out the year. I come to find out know that it was a bad decision because it is really not that hard, just a little time consuming.


When finally starting it I knew that I wanted to make it as easy as possible; quick and easy to read, but still be able to understand it. I decided to put the date beside all the assignments to help keep it in order. This way you can hopefully see the papers gradually getting better over the year. I also linked the original assignment at the bottom of each post instead of posting it. For each post I did not use my progress memos, I wrote everything from scratch. After looking over my progress memos I just thought that is wouldn’t fit what I was going for. I did use a little of the information, but not much.


What helped me out the most with this assignment was looking at other weblogs. Some of my group members also helped me out. Just being able to see a finished weblog helped me out a lot; it gave me something to go by, and good ideas for my own. It also would have been a lot smarter to not wait for the last minute to do it. It would have been so much easier to have done a little bit at a time through out the year.


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