Instruction Selection Memo (10/10/07)

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The goal of this assignment was to find a easy set of instructions and could be tested that you can use for the instructions analysis assignment. The first thing I started thinking about was something in my profession, something that I am already familiar with. I eventually decided to use a set of instructions used to stretch out the hamstring. The set of instructions were called Hamstring School.

Hamstring school is a set of steps used for rehab on athletes with injured hamstrings. I choose this set of instructions because it was something that I had been around and understood how to do. I was very confident that it would be easy and I would be able to write a good instruction analysis over it.

After deciding on which set of instructions to use we were to write a cover memo answering who exactly the audience is, the goals of the instructions, and the criteria for testing them.

The only problem I had with this assignment was deciding on what set of instructions to use. I wanted to do something that was easy to understand and that I could write a lot about. After finally deciding everything else went smooth. Editing was the only other problem. I was still struggling, still waiting till the last minute to finish the cover memo, and I would be too tired to go over it. I knew that I needed to stop doing that but most of the time I couldn’t’ help it. After seeing that there were quite a few editing corrections I knew that I needed to use a different way to edit my papers.

To view my Instructions Selections and Cover memo, click the following link:

Instructions Cover Memo




Formal Memo (10/3/07)

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For the Formal Memo assignment was designed for us to come up with a problem in our profession and then to come up with solutions to fix the problem. To get started on brainstorming for a problem and solutions we were given a memo worksheet. This worksheet had many question on it about our profession. This got my mind going and helped me decide on a problem.

It was very easy for me to come up with a problem in my profession because what I wrote about was actually going on. So I was just writing about an actual experience that other athletic trainers and I were trying to get changed. Because I was so familiar with this problem it was very easy for me to write this memo because I had many solutions that I believed would solve the problem.

My goals for the assignment were very clear. We were spending way to much time in the training room on Sundays. My motion was for the students that did not work the game to stay the original time, and for the student that did work the game, after cleaning up all the equipment they would be able to go home. My main argument for this change was that we needed more time to study. This was a very good argument because if we do not keep our grades up then we are allowed to continue being a Student Athletic Trainer. So our grades are very important, and by having a few more extra hours out of the training room would be extremely useful to our studies.

The course goal is very clear for this assignment. It was assigned to help us gain experience and confidence for more challenging assignment that are still to come. Specifically we were supposed to use some creativity and define our own memo subject and goals. We also needed to specifically define our audience. I was able to achieve all of these goals. My memo subject and goals were clear and my audience was the actual head athletic trainer for Texas Tech Football. I believe that the formal memo assignment did give me experience and more confidence for the other assignment that I did after.

To view my Formal Memo, click on the following link:

Formal Memo

Resume and Job Letter (9/19/07)

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The Resume and Job Letter assignment was the first semi big class assignment. For some reason I had quite a bit of trouble with this assignment. I just could not understand the directions and I couldn’t get on the right track. I struggled all the way through this assignment. Knowing what I do now I would like to go back and change everything that I did.

First I would start by changing my work ethics. I would of started earlier instead of waiting for the last minute. I was very unprepared for this assignment and it showed in my grade. I did not believe I was going to need to set aside as much time as I should of. Instead I waited till the last minute and tried to finish it in one sit down.

Another problem that I struggled with in this assignment and many more through the year was editing. At the beginning of the year my editing tactics were terrible. But this also falls back on me waiting till the last minute to complete the project. Buy doing this it was really late when I finished there for I was half asleep while editing, which turned out to be a bad idea. So of course I was missing easy mistakes and received a poor grade. Knowing what I do know, I and confident that I would be able to go back and complete a better resume and job letter.

This assignment was difficult for me because it was hard for me to pretend to apply for a job. Since it is going to be such along time before I will actually apply for a job, it was hard for me to complete the resume. One main reason was I had none of the requirements that were clearly stated in the job opening. In my profession you have to pass many tests to even be looked at. I will not be taking any of these tests until I graduate. So I was having to pretend that I had completed the test and accomplished many other tasks just to fill up the resume portion.

In the course it says that if you are not planning on applying for a job any time soon that hopefully this will help learn how to research, and apply for a job more quickly and effectively. I believe that I did accomplish this goal. I will be able to research job openings and find information about the job as well. This was a good learning experience. I believe that when the time comes for me to actually apply for a job I will be able to put together a good job letter and resume.

To view my Resume and Job Letter, click on the following link:


Resume and Job Letter